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Customer Experience Design Workshop by ProductStack

Experience Design Workshop

Design a Customer-Centric Business.

Who Is this Workshop For?

Customer experience is how your customers feel about your company. A great customer experience must be designed - from every front stage interaction that your customers have with your company and the back stage activities that your employees work on to deliver value to your customers. 

Service Design with ProductStack

Through our Experience Design Workshop, we help companies take an outside-in approach and design their companies from the perspective of their customers. It's a short, collaborative, and fast-paced engagement that follows a proven process to design a customer-centric organization. Ready to get started? Sign up here.

This workshop is for executives that understand the importance of customer experience but may not be familiar with the underlying techniques. It was made to educate and be actionable at the same timeyour team will be exposed to different techniques like design thinking, user-centered design, and service design (but in the context of your business). They will walk away feeling motivated and with insights that they can start to implement the very next day.

If you want to continuously delight your customers, your business must be designed like a well-crafted stage show—with precise coordination between the front stage performance (customer-facing activities) and a well-orchestrated back stage operations (employee-facing activities)

About the Workshop


Format & Duration

  • 4–5 Days of in-person workshops at client location
  • 5–6 Days of offline collaboration over email and web conferences


  • CxOs (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, COO)
  • Middle Management (VPs, Directors)
  • Customer-Facing Teams
  • Subject Matter Experts

What Will You Get?


Deep Understanding of Your Customers

Your team will develop a deep understanding of your customers, beyond the sterile definitions of the common market segments based on demographics. Instead, your team will understand where your products and services fit into your customers eco-system as they attempt to make progress in their lives.


Customer Journey Map

We will develop Customer Journey Maps so you can understand how your customers actually experience your company and build empathy with their needs. This includes mapping information, interactions and outcomes your customers care about across multiple channels (web, call centers, mobile, etc.) and their emotions as they make this journey.


Service Blueprint

Next, we will map the interactions between the customer-facing activities and the backstage operational processes to uncover issues/gaps that impact your customers' experience. 


Ideas to Improve Customer Experience

Armed with insights about customer-facing activities and your internal operations, the team will come up with ideas to improve the overall customer experience.

We will then prioritize these ideas based on customer impact, business value, effort, cost, and risks to uncover the most impactful ideas.

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Design a Customer-Centric Business in 2 Weeks

Participate in our Customer Experience Workshop and in just two weeks, uncover how customers experience your brand today, and design a delightful customer experience.