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Product Management Software by ProductStack

Product Management Software

Product management tools to help you build user-centered software by integrating Lean and Design Thinking with Agile processes.


Fall in love with users’ problems, not your solutions

Before you start building solutions, ensure that your team is clear on the problems you’re trying to solve, who you’re trying to solve it for, and how you will measure success.

product management sotware - opportunity canvas

Uncover unmet user needs with story maps

Map out how your users' get their jobs done, identify key inefficiencies and pains, and come up with ideas to improve their lives.

product management sotware - story mapping

Focus on users' outcomes not outputs

As you learn about your users, identify the key outcomes and KPIs they care about. These are the metrics they use to measure success as they get a job done.

product management sotware - jobs-to-be-done

Ensure developers understand what to build with design specifications

Engineers cannot build something they don’t understand. Annotate your high-fidelity prototypes with interaction and business rules to describe exactly how the software behaves underneath the user interface.

product management sotware - design-specifications

Build shared understanding across the product life-cycle

Align your team around user needs and outcomes. Add details, tags, photos, and link to prototypes and specifications to build a shared knowledge base.

product management sotware - shared-understanding

Plan releases that drives user outcomes

Create releases, map them to outcomes your users care about, and then identify the least number of stories you need to achieve those outcomes.

product management sotware - release-planning

Build outcome-based roadmaps

Don’t fall into the trap of building feature-based roadmap. Instead of outputs, focus on what outcomes you’re trying to achieve for your business, and on the people your product will serve. Choose between timeline or phase view and easily customize your roadmap for each stakeholder perspective.

product management sotware - outcome-based-roadmaps

Collaborate with team members

Rich commenting capabilities allow your teams to track feedback in one central location - no more dealing with lost feedback over emails and slack channels.

product management sotware - collaboration

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